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In The  Alien  of     the     Occult     Club, join transfer student Ichiko Popopokopo as she sets out to start her new school life at the famed Zealgood Academy. She's not exactly local, if you catch my drift, but that's just made her all the more eager to do her best so she can achieve her dreams.

(Important: The version of The Alien of the Occult Club available for download and described above is an early version of the title that was originally developed in Visual Novel Maker. Development has since moved to Ren'Py, meaning that while development of The Alien of the Occult Club continues, development of this version of it has ceased.

When the new version of The Alien of the Occult Club has a build available, it will be linked here.)

Install instructions

Download the .zip folder of your computer's platform, unzip, and open the Game.exe file to start playing!


TAOTOC v0.03311 Windows.zip 643 MB
TAOTOC v0.03311 Mac.zip 660 MB
TAOTOC v0.03311 Linux.zip 632 MB

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OMG!! The expressions just killed me. XD LOL! Really good and I love the setup. Not sure if you're in need of a voice actress but if so, I'm available. You can check out my demo reel, if you'd like: https://soundcloud.com/mariontoro/marion-toro-character-demo-1

Thank you for your time.


Marion Toro


Not sure if you want to take the plunge and download the demo? Maybe Miss Hino can help you decide!